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2011.07.2034397 km363.1 km5.163 US GallonsSummer$21.68 USD5.38 l/100kmShell (Diesel) - Cross-border shopping trip, gas up at closest border station in Blaine.
2011.06.2533999 km415.7 km20.719 LitresSummer$26.50 CAD4.98 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - One year aniversary of Smart Car ownership!
2011.05.2133581 km209.2 km1.854 US GallonsSummer$7.97 USD3.35 l/100kmFred Meyer, Bellingham () - Cross border shopping, opportunity to fill up at half tank.
2011.05.1433436 km304.1 km17.475 LitresSummer$23.57 CAD5.74 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - Gas prices predicted to go up.
2011.04.1833070 km384 km20 LitresSummer$25.78 CAD5.20 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - Jerry can fill-up @ 128.9 (pump price 136.9) savings of 8 cents/litre or 2.40 on tank.
2011.03.2232373 km303.6 km3.929 US GallonsWinter$16.10 USD4.89 l/100kmFred Meyer, Bellingham (Diesel) - Going to Seattle, filled up for trip across the border.
2011.03.2232686 km311.8 km4.144 US GallonsWinter$16.99 USD5.02 l/100kmFred Meyer, Bellingham (Diesel) - Highway to Seattle, around Seattle and back to Bellingham, to fill up before crossing the border back to Canada
2011.03.0932070 km125.6 km8.375 LitresWinter$10.79 CAD6.66 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - Prices expected to rise, goo time to fill up and fill a new jerry can. since prices went to 1.349, I was right to jump at it!
2011.02.2531932 km358.1 km20 LitresWinter$23.58 CAD5.58 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - Jerry can fill up, pump price was 1.249, so 7 cents x 20 or $1.40 saved
2011.02.2531932 km358.1 km19.96 LitresWinter$23.53 CAD5.57 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - Used Jerry can (gas @ 1.179, pump price @ 1.249 ($1.40 saved).
2011.01.2131574 km331 km19.91 LitresWinter$23.48 CAD6.01 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - January Fill-up.
2010.12.2231215 km313 km17.199 LitresWinter$20.28 CAD5.49 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - Christmas Fill-up.
2010.12.0230902 km360.1 km20.704 LitresWinter$24.00 CAD5.74 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - some gas spilled on first bubble-back. approx .1 or .2 litres.
2010.11.0730531 km397 km22.241 LitresWinter$25.78 CAD5.60 l/100kmBarnet PetroCan (Diesel) - Some gas spilled on side of car, warning at 0.0 so nearest gas station used.
2010.10.1630135 km466 km19.58 LitresSummer$22.69 CAD4.19 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - Ineffiecient driving habits this tank.
2010.09.2129669 km355.3 km17.714 LitresSummer$20.00 CAD4.98 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - Accidentally reset trip meter, so this is an estimate 355.3, could be as high as 355.9 (not far off).
2010.08.3129314 km361.6 km16.601 LitresSummer$18.41 CAD4.59 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - Best mileage so far... partly due to a longish 60 km trip mostly down-hill
2010.08.1128919 km328.4 km17.27 LitresSummer$19.15 CAD5.25 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - First Tank using better driving techniques
2010.07.0928591 km275 km17.487 LitresSummer$19.04 CAD6.35 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - First City Driving fill-up
2010.06.2628307 km363 km18.05 LitresSummer$19.84 CAD4.96 l/100kmSuperstore gas bar (Diesel) - Purchased vehicle this day at 27944 km and drove Highway Kelowna to Coquitlam, BC