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Charts & Analysis

This page contains several interesting charts for you to check out! Every chart is automatically updated every time you enter a new fueling. More will be added all of the time!

Jump to a chart:

Fast Stats

Avg Economy Number of Fills Total
Fuel Consumed
Distance Driven
Total Money
Spent on Gas*
4.38 l/100km
53.62 MPG (US)
64.40 MPG (Imp)
2683,906.8 L
1,031.4 US Gal
89,048.0 km
55,298.8 miles
$ 4355.75
Avg Cost
per Distance
Avg Cost
per Volume
Best Tank
Best Tank
$ 4.89 per 100 km
$ 7.88 per 100 miles
$ 1.11 per litre
$ 4.22 per US Gal
699 km on Sep 12, 2006
3.95 l/100km
59.54 US MPG
l/100km on Oct 19, 2005
Want to see
something here?
*Just an estimate - does not account for currency!

Average mileage by month

This graph queries all of your fueling data that is in the system - not just the most recent calendar year.

Fuel spending by month

Your most recent 12 months of fuel consumption with an average spending line for the last 12 months.

Fuel Volume Consumed, Distance Driven by Month

Average litres/100km by Retailer and Fuel Type

This graph queries your fueling history and displays your average fuel economy when using each of these stations.
Sources of Error:

  • Be careful reading this graph - it illustrates fuel economy but the chart area does not reflect consumption. Look at the bottom label for the total litres consumed.
  • These graphs may not accurately represent the quality of an individual retailer. For example, if you use one retailer in the summer and another in the winter, those average fuel economies will be very different.
  • Because of width limits on Google Charts, a maximum of 4 of your retailers/fuel types will show up on this graph, sorted by the locations where you have bought the largest volumes of fuel.
  • Remember this graph is for one vehicle, not every vehicle ever made.

Vehicle Cost vs. Fuel Cost

Sources of Error:

  • Exchange rates (Canada/US) aren't counted.
  • Inflation isn't accounted for.
  • This isn't a true cost of ownership chart. Maintenance and modifications are not included.
  • Some users may not have started recording fuel consumption until long after they purchased their vehicle.

Last 30 Fuelings

Mileage data from your last 30 fuelings. Please note that the average line represents your overall average, not the average for these 30 tanks.

Select other data range: 10 fuelings | 20 fuelings | 50 fuelings | 100 fuelings

Suggestions for more charts and analysis?

Use the contact info that's plastered all over this site to get in touch with me, and I'll see what I can add.