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2010-10-31: Site Updates!
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Welcome to - the best place on the net to track your personal fuel consumption!

Why another fuel comsumption monitoring service?

Two main reasons: simplicity and some better features. I don't need costs, notes, reminders, or a favourites list - I want something that will track my fuel mileage and display some useful charts! This service is more self-centered to the end-user than SpritMonitor - it is all about providing your data to you in interesting, customized ways. It's also not dependant on joining a vBulletin forum to get Garage-like functionality - which may be a pro or con, depending on your preferences.

Ease of Use!

Tracking your fuel mileage is simple! You can start at any time, and you don't need any special equipment to do it. Here's the process:

  1. Get a receipt every time you fill up.
  2. Write your trip odometer (distance travelled since last fillup) down on the receipt.
  3. Reset the trip odometer
  4. Enter your data into!
  1. Visit on your phone each time you fill up.

Features: Current, Planned, & Ongoing

  • (Ongoing!) Per-vehicle charts like average consumption per month, mileage per gas station and fuel type, yearly breakdowns of consumption , etc.
  • (Done!) More informative forum signature icons/website banners.
  • (Done!) Ability to easily import CSV data from
  • (Ongoing!) Developed with a North American userbase in mind.
  • Basic userbase totals - average fuel mileage of all registered users, per-model filtering and breakdowns.
  • (Done!) Thematic mapping of average mileage for the 10 provinces and 50 states of Canada and the USA. Before this data can be considered remotely accurate, we need more users! For now, it's just a cool visual.
  • Search features to look at the mileage of individual users, vehicle types, or geographic regions. Ongoing - check out our vehicle index page.


  • The import tool can't differentiate between Litres/US Gallons. This is due to the way that SpritMonitor exports data - they don't include units. This isn't a big problem if you fill up in Litres 99% of the time and US Gallons 1% of the time - it's easy to manually edit that change in.

If you like this service (or don't like it!), find a bug, or would like to see additions features, please email me at Thanks!


Registered Users:

Registered Vehicles:

Distance Driven by Users:
934,449.4 km
580,764.1 mi

Total consumption:
45,854.7 L
11,833.5 US Gal

Average Mileage, All Users:
4.90 l/100km
47.92 MPG (US)